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School Assemblies

School Assemblies MN

School Assemblies

C4 provides off-site team building school assemblies in Minnesota, North Dakota and beyond. School retreats such as the 6th grade "Identity Challenge" instill character and confidence. While the 9th grade "Excellence Challenge" will improve teamwork in a way traditional programs cannot. A Character Challenge program is not simply bringing in a speaker for your school. Our programs connect students in hands-on activities, team focused events, and provide engaging and motivational stories. Contact us to learn more about how an interactive programs can improve your school's culture. Or you can read about some of our recent school assemblies. All of our programs come with this peace of mind: If you, your administration and your students are not entirely satisfied with the program, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

CASEl (Collaboration of Academic Social Emotional Learning)

Within caring learning communities, there are important relationships forged by teachers, students, administration. Students have opportunities to develop autonomy and influence and a focus on a shared sense of purpose is key. In these settings, students and staff look FORWARD to walking through the school's doors. 

"There is evidence and research demonstrating that student attachment to school is strongly influenced by these learning environments. Students who are more engaged and attached to school have better attendance, higher graduation rates as well as higher grades and standardized test scores." (Boomerang Project)

The following are elements of how a school assembly/retreat can benefit student success, personal growth and overall connectedness. 

  • Provide a structure that builds relationships.

  • Bring together students from a cross-section of backgrounds.

  • Creates a safer learning environment by giving students "permission" to look out for each other.

  • Encourages and supports involvement in extra curricular activities.


Assembly Types

6th Grade: Identity Challenge

7th Grade: Conflict Challenge

8th Grade: Leadership Challenge

9th Grade: Excellence Challenge

10th Grade: Priorities Challenge

11th Grade: Goal Challenge

12th Grade: Legacy Challenge

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