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8th Grade Leadership Challenge

"The Leadership Challenge" 

What: For a top school leadership retreat in Minnesota, North Dakota or beyond, the Character Challenge staff members will bring energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to your school or at a designated location to facilitate powerful activities for your students. The curriculum is custom-tailored from interviews with staff and is guaranteed to meet specific student needs. The Leadership Challenge is designed to improve students' ability to lead, increase communication skills, and create sheer determination to make the right decisions consistently. This character program is facilitated in 1/2 day (3 hours, $1,000 plus mileage) or full day (5.5 hours, $1,500 plus mileage) increments. For smaller groups, contact us and we can help collaborate with other schools to help off-set costs.


Why: The Leadership Challenge will build positive attitudes within student groups, and lead to all students taking ownership in the culture of their school. These outcomes provide for less off-task behavior, improved school climate, and can provide for a springboard of communication not only between students, but also among staff, administration, and families. Our team will provide fast paced activities, music and action, break-out sessions, large group challenges and an end of the day opportunity that allows students to share their reflections and mend relationships with classmates. This event is a top notch school retreat in Minnesota that sets the tone for the school year or serves as a great way to wrap up in the spring.

What others say about the Character Challenge and its Minnesota team building activities.

Leadership Key Learning Outcomes

For this school leadership program in Minnesota, students will:


  • Define Leadership vs. Popularity

  • Discuss communication styles and how to relate to others' unique styles

  • Discover how personal behaviors impact integrity

  • Strengthening relationships with classmates while defining leadership

  • Learning to become a H.E.R.O.

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