Thrill-Seekers Wanted!

Things to do in Park Rapids, MN
Base Package

Simple really....Meet one of our high flying guides, harness up with a safety briefing. Climb 35' high and tackle some fun (and a little challenging) obstacles. Our tour is complete with a 370' zip line ride. A must on your "Things to do in Park Rapids" list!

Adventure Package

Let's live on the edge a little...Adventure Package includes everything in the Base AND the "Leap of Faith". What's that you may ask? Well, something about a 25' telephone pole, balancing, and a trapeze bar. Video is worth a thousand words!

Extreme Package

The Extreme Package includes everything in the Adventure & the 40' "Power Swing". Get pulled up by your group and "3-2-1 Power!" pull your ripcord and experience a huge face first free call. Yes, the "Pant Loader" will be a highlight, we can guarantee it. Don't leave Park Rapids without going EXTREME!

More Information

Team Building opportunities for your family/friends exist as well! If you would like a customized team building adventure, contact us! Check out our FAQ page for more information. Reservations Required. There are countless things to do in Park Rapids as well! Join us today!