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7th Grade Conflict Challenge

"The Conflict Challenge" results in a high energy school assembly!

What: A top motivational school assembly from Character Challenge brings energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to your school or at a location of your choice. The curriculum is custom-tailored to meet specific objectives of your team and students. The Conflict Challenge is a powerful team building event designed to improve students' ability to solve peer conflicts. The program consists of interactive large group team building, structured debriefing, break out sessions, and personal stories from our team. There is an end of the day opportunity that allows students to share their reflections and mend relationships with classmates. This school program is facilitated in 1/2 day (3 hours, $1,000) or full day (5.5 hours, $1,500 plus mileage) increments. For smaller groups, contact us and we can help find other schools to help off-set costs.

Why: The Conflict Challenge will build positive school culture for 7th grade students. It utilizes student leaders from 11th-12th grade to enhance relationships within the school. When students are able to resolve conflicts, accept consequences for their actions, and learn the power of tolerance, school climate will improve. Research indicates that when a school achieves an improved culture, test scores and academic results also follow. This event is a highly interactive team building activity for schools in Minnesota, North Dakota and beyond. This 7th Grade School Team Building Program is a great way to kick-off the school year or wrap up in the spring.

Conflict Challenge Key Learning Outcomes

In the Conflict Challenge school program, students will:

  • Cultivate social maturity and accountability 

  • Describe the value of asking for help

  • Develop strategies to overcome peer conflicts

  • Identify the importance of tolerance and acceptance of other's opinions

  • Learn how to become a C.H.A.M.P.

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