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10th Grade Priorities Challenge

10th Grade School Team Building: "The Priorities Challenge”

What: Character Challenge staff members will meet with your students at your school or a designated location to facilitate powerful activities. The curriculum is custom-tailored to meet the needs of your students and the objectives of your administrative team. The Priorities Challenge is designed to enhance students' understanding of priorities and how these priorities impact success. This team building program will help students identify their priorities and challenge them to focus on them daily. This team building program in Minnesota and North Dakota is facilitated in 1/2 day (3 hours, $1,000) or full day (5.5 hours, $1,500 plus mileage) increments. For smaller groups, contact us and we can help find other schools for you to partner with to help off-set costs.


Why: The Priorities Challenge will enhance students' ability to establish their values. This will lead to a stronger ability to self-advocate, establish goals, and cast a vision for their class, school and future. These outcomes provide for less off-task behavior, improved school climate, and a better opportunity to cope with the social, emotional, and developmental issues that arise during the 10th grade. Our motivational speaker will provide fast paced activities, break-out sessions, large group challenges and an end of the day opportunity that allows students to share reflections with their classmates. This turns into much more than a presentation….This engaging school assembly in Minnesota is just a click away!

What others say about the Character Challenge and its Minnesota team building activities.

In this school team building program, students will:

  • Develop goals related to school performance, personal growth, and future

  • Identify their own priorities for home, school, and community

  • Discuss how priorities impact decision making

  • Work together to analyze and project their class's priorities

  • Learn how to become a S.T.A.R.

Priorities Key Learning Outcomes
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