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11th Grade Goals Challenge

"The Goal Challenge" provides school team building activities and much more!

What: A Character Challenge event brings energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to your school or at a location of your choice to facilitate powerful activities. More than a typical motivational speaker, the curriculum is custom-tailored to meet specific student needs and goals of your administrative team. The Goal Challenge is a series of school team building activities designed to improve students' ability to cast a vision for their futures. It is a high energy, organized and interactive school retreat. The school assembly consists of interactive large group school team building activities, powerful debriefing, break out sessions, and personal stories from our team There is also an end of the day opportunity that allows students to share their reflections and mend relationships with classmates. The Goal Challenge is facilitated in 1/2 day (3 hours, $1,000) or full day (5.5 hours, $1,500 plus mileage) increments. For smaller groups, contact us and we can help find other schools to help off-set costs.


Why: When looking for school team building activities, The Goal Challenge will help to enhance students' preparedness for the real world. When students are able to set goals, their sense of self-confidence will improve. Research indicates that when a school achieves an improved culture, test scores and academic results also follow. This 11th Grade program is full of school team building activities and is a great way to kick-off the school year or wrap up in the spring.

"These experiences were exactly what our students needed. They will carry these life lessons for years to come. Character Challenge is an awesome event." 

– Scott Matheson, Moorhead High School

Goal Challenge Key Learning Outcomes

School team building activities such as Goal Challenge encourage students to:

  • Craft an individual action plan 

  • Define short, medium, and long range goals

  • Create suggestions for school improvement and unity

  • Identify how they can get the MOST out of their goals

  • Become a V.I.P.

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